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Please make sure to read and understand our Confidentiality Policy before submitting flyMETRICS Registration Form:

In relation to a possible business relation between flyMETRICS Group Sp.z.o.o, herehinafter the "Discloser", and the applicant of this Registation form, hereinafter "Recipient", the Discloser may give certain confidential and proprietary information ("Proprietary Information") which either implicitly or explicitly desires that the Recipient treats as confidential.
Proprietary Information includes any and all information obtained by Recipient which:

I. relates to Discloser’s past, present and future activities, and results from those activities;
II. any other information relating to the Discloser or its business that is not generally known to the public;

Proprietary Information does not include information publicly disclosed without breach of an obligation of confidentiality, either prior or subsequent to Recipient's receipt of such information. Unless authorized by Discloser in writing to do otherwise, by writing 'I agree' in the submitted Registration form, the Recipient agrees to hold Proprietary Information in confidence, not reveal Proprietary Information to anyone outside Discloser, nor use Proprietary Information for own financial benefit or promotion.
This agreement shall hold for 1 (one) year after the submission date of the Registration Form.