flyMETRICS launch


The company confirms as European newcoming
supplier of aerial systems for industry 4.0

Warsaw, May 2018

flyMETRICS Group Sp.z.o.o., Polish innovative Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) developer, is glad to announce the achievement of an important goal, along the way of next market entry. Following our efforts to develop multi-copter systems leading to mass deployment of industrial aerial robotics, flyMETRICS’s technology qualified among the two winners of the Polish national technology competition INNOSBZ 2017.

INNOSBZ is the latest national Polish funding program, managed by the Polish National Centrer for Research and Development (NCBR) dedicated to innovative drone technologies. The program is part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program (P.O.I.R.), the largest innovation initiative funded by the European Union. INNOSBZ's aim is boosting research and development of advanced drone technologies and accelerate their commercialization, through focused project funding.

This achievement, which comes at the end of a multi-stage selection, has involved a panel of national and international experts. It is an important acknowledgment of the hard work done so far, and endorsement of our breakthrough potential.
flyMETRICS’s winning project namely ‘WINDRO’ features an advanced microcopter-based ‘nest-type' system for wind and other renewable energy applications. The new system is a key step towards drone-enabled self-inspecting industrial infrastructure. Its autonomous multi-functional architecture can be applied to many different industrial areas.

This success arrives with perfect timing to further push the launch of our first-generation UAS product (expected by end of 2018). Furthermore, it will boost our research and development, accelerating the release of second-generation in 2020.